Submit your art!

Send us your art, along with a link to your Tumblr portfolio! Please note that the art must be *your work* — we’re not interested in posting anything else via submission!

We will only publish work that:
1) includes a link to your Tumblr blog in the caption or click-through.
2) is at least 500px wide and of good, clear quality.
3) discernibly belongs to you — if we can’t easily tell whether or not the work belongs to you, we won’t post it.

Please know that:
1) It might take awhile for your work to publish — sometimes over a week or two.
2) Not all submissions will be published, and we can’t answer when or if your submission will be published.

We’re so excited to see your work!

**Please note that submissions close on Mondays in order to catch up from the weekend. Thanks for your patience!**