Great Tumblr Themes for Artists

Starving Artist

Observer - FREE

Observer is designed to focus attention on your photos, text, and music. A very clean design and easily customizable. Choose between extra-large and regular-size images. Optimized for mobile. 

Paper Stacks - FREE

Great for a portfolio that wants to highlight featured content. A carousel at the top rotates most recent ‘featured’ posts. Clean grid layout. Optimized and designed for touch screens. 

Quite Big - FREE

Optimized for high resolution images. Allows for big photosets OR display photos one after the other. Header image upload for professional look. 

Syndex - FREE

Gives your work a nice floaty feel. Click directly on Photo posts and Photosets to lightbox and enlarge them. Great for mixing your work with your inspiration - just be sure to keep it organized with tags! 

Professional Player

Aperture - $49

The most technically advanced photography theme on tumblr, featuring fluid animations paired with novel organization. Equally suited to portfolio and photo blogs, Aperture is the perfect portal for art of all kinds. 

Slides - $49

Full screen images that draw attention to what’s most important - the work. Hovering over an image brings the caption forward for credits and context. A very striking theme. 

Griddd - $19

Great for an artist with a very defined aesthetic. If you want to give more of a birds eye view into your work (as opposed to one image at a time), this is the theme for you. 

Kodiak - $49

The slide scroll on Kodiak really highlights the work per image. Easy tag organization via ‘galleries’ and a very light weight design. Unique photoset customization and a smart infinite scroll. 

If you know of other great themes for artists, drop their names in my Ask Box and I’ll add them here! 

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